January 17, 2023

Changes to accelerate introduction of genetics to markets

Left to right: Martijn Kuiper, Tosca Ferber, Camillo Berenos



Appointments of Martijn Kuiper, Tosca Ferber and Camillo Berenos to new positions in Out-licensing, Global Product Management and R&D.


Leading breeder Dümmen Orange is making new genetics available for out-licensing to young plant growers and breeders. The company is constantly focusing on creating a rich pipeline of new products. To bring more of these genetics to the market alongside its own portfolio, Dümmen Orange is looking to setup new partnerships with industry players.   


To build up the licensing-out of genetics, Dümmen Orange has appointed Martijn Kuiper, currently Head of Global Product Management, to the new role of Director of Global Out-licensing. Martijn has long-term experience within the floriculture industry, working with many prominent players worldwide to bring new varieties to the market.  


Tosca Ferber, currently Director Research, will succeed Martijn as Director of Global Product Management. Tosca has been instrumental in driving Dümmen Orange’s upstream Intrinsa program. Intrinsa brings advanced hybridization techniques through traditional breeding to create sustainable and economically viable plants for a greener future. With her R&D background, she will be able to bring together Sales, Marketing, R&D, and Supply Chain to further build Dümmen Orange’s product teams and ensure the opportunities out of the company’s pipeline will be brought to market. Tosca will start in her new role 1st February.


Camillo Berenos has been appointed as Director Research, following Tosca’s move to Global Product Management. Camillo joined Dümmen Orange six years ago and is currently Technology Lead Trait Genetics & Genomics. He paved the way for Predictive Breeding, which has given Dümmen Orange an unprecedented advantage in product development.