November 01, 2021

Dümmen Orange among most notable companies in horticultural technology

Dümmen Orange reached a top 5 position in the Genetics & Biology category of the prestigious Hillenraad TECH 50. The Hillenraad TECH 50 lists the 50 most notable and promising Dutch companies in horticultural technology, applying criteria like: innovation and disruption, R&D capacity, growth potential, contribution to autonomous growing and social and sustainability aspects. The jury praised Dümmen Orange as a global player that invests heavily in R&D by means of the new Breeding Technology Centre, where 200 people are working on genetics and genomics.


Hans van den Heuvel, Managing Director R&D, is delighted with the recognition of the developments at Dümmen Orange: “Lightning-fast is the keyword here. In the past five years, we have undergone an enormous transition in the breeding of ornamental plants. Genomics and genetics have made our breeding predictable and we can cross in new traits in a targeted manner. In our sector, we are at the forefront of this. To now see that our professional environment places us among the best breeders of vegetable and field crops in the world, makes me extremely proud of the great team we have done this with. And, we're just getting started. We are ready!”


According to Hillenraad TECH 50, professional breeding of all kinds of horticultural crops have given Dutch breeding companies a leading global position. However, more is happening in the field of biology than plant breeding; aspects such as improving crops, building in resistance, developing biological control with natural enemies, and improving plant health with microbiotica are playing an increasingly important role. Thanks to technology, major breakthroughs are being made in this area.


To explain the rapid development of horticultural technology, Hillenraad has distinguished ten domains that all play a role in – and clarify the broad concept of – horticultural technology aimed at autonomous cultivation. Autonomous cultivation is the achievement of optimal cultivation results remotely, and with as few actions as possible. For that, efficient use of energy, labor and raw materials is more urgent than ever. Dummen Orange is one of the five Dutch companies included in the Genetics & Biology domain of the Hillenraad TECH 50. Five foreign companies were included as benchmarks.