July 22, 2022

Highlighting our Award Winning IntrinsaTM Technology at Cultivate'22

The Dümmen Orange executive team proudly accepts the 2022 Technology of the Year award for its IntrinsaTM program. Accepting this special award included: Nathan Sell (Managing Director APP, North America), Stephanie Whitehouse (Product Manager Decorative Annuals, North America), Marta Maria Garcia (Head of Marketing and Retail, North America), Hugo Noordhoek Hegt (CEO), and Keith Cable (President, North America).

COLUMBUS, Ohio (July 21, 2022) – Dümmen Orange proudly highlighted its IntrinsaTM technology and breeding program at the recently completed Cultivate’22 in Columbus, Ohio. IntrinsaTM was selected as the 2022 Technology of the Year award winner during Greenhouse Grower’s Medal of Excellence program which took place at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Executives from Dümmen Orange accepted this prestigious honor at a reception where award winners were announced from a variety of categories. Each category was judged by a selection panel of industry experts to choose the best that the plant and floriculture industry has to offer.

Growers had previously worried about disease outbreaks within the plant industry’s major crops until now. Seven years ago, Dümmen Orange set out to discover groundbreaking novel traits within wild plant species and introduce them into the company’s commercial breeding pipeline. Sustainability and building stronger, healthier plants were the primary goals. From this research, the trait discovery team found over 50 unique traits across multiple crop species and the IntrinsaTM breeding program was born.

Using advanced speed-to-market molecular breeding technologies such as artificial intelligence (A.I.) phenotyping, predictive breeding, and high-end resolution greenhouse validation through prolonged bioassays to identify natural traits within the genetic catalog of crops that demonstrate resistance, IntrinsaTM is proof that true beauty comes from within. Knowledge gathered from these technologies is used to make improved crossing designs and better decisions that will allow Dümmen Orange’s global breeding teams to have a more efficient, reliable, faster breeding process while bringing floriculture as a global industry into the era of predictive breeding.

Improvements in plant genetics with IntrinsaTM provide resistance to the most important diseases that plague the industry. Strong, long-lasting resistance with IntrinsaTM means crops are more sustainable and reliable. Growers will see decreased chemical usage while having reassurance in the success and performance of their crop. Profitability for growers will increase through a decrease in chemical usage, reduced crop loss and improved order fulfillment. Retailers will see an improved reliability in the supply chain and consumers will enjoy plants with improved garden performance all through disease resistance.

For petunias, IntrinsaTM technology provides resistance to Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV). For garden mums, it provides Chrysanthemum White Rust (CWR) resistance. If plants with IntrinsaTM are exposed to the specific disease, plants will not develop symptoms nor spread the disease to neighboring plants. Resistance to these diseases has proven to be strong and long lasting. It provides growers, retailers, and consumers the reassurance their crops will remain disease free throughout the life of the plant.

IntrinsaTM is an industry game changer. Dümmen Orange is just scratching the surface of possibilities with IntrinsaTM. By investing in the future, Dümmen Orange is ready to deliver new varieties with groundbreaking traits that can make the floriculture industry flower sustainably. Through advanced breeding technology that harnesses intrinsic genes within the industry’s major crops, IntrinsaTM is building stronger, healthier, more sustainable and economically viable plants for a greener future.