March 09, 2017

ICA certifies Colombian location and acknowledges high quality standards

Colombia - February 2017 - It is with great pleasure we inform you that the Colombian Agriculture and Livestock Institute Corporation (ICA) has granted our location in Colombia (Agribio Colombia S.A.S.) the “Enrolment as Producer of Vegetative Propagation Material (cuttings) of Chrysanthemums”.

This means the ICA has concluded, based on their inspections of our production and trial site at Flores Silvestres, Colombia, our processes are in compliance with strict biosecurity protocols. This means our customers can count on our cuttings received for trials or propagation, being of the highest quality.

We are proud to have received this registration and the trust of the ICA. This is a recognition for our high standards. We will continue to improve and assure we can offer our clients the best quality and service possible.