March 11, 2021

Successful Open House Carnations in Colombia

Dümmen Orange organized a succesful Open House for Carnations in Colombia last week. This event was part of the 'Dianthus Week', organized by Ceniflores and all the carnation breeders in Colombia. The Dümmen Orange team in Colombia welcomed more than 38 farms and over 125 customers at the event.

All visitors were shown around separately, respecting all Covid-19 measurements and the Dümmen Orange phytosanitary protocols. The local team shared the latest trends and gave the Colombian growers all the information and inspiration needed, so the customer can find the perfect varieties according to their needs.

Varieties like Amanda, Alhambra, Damascus and Royal Damascus, as well as usual stars Zeppelin and Novia, were most appreciated by the visitors of the Open House. The Colombian team is proud of this succesful customer event and hopes to continue expanding the awareness and interest of carnations in the upcoming years.