April 08, 2021

The new red rose from Africa: Red Tacazzi+

Breeder and propagator Dümmen Orange and rose grower Holla Roses in Ethiopia proudly introduce a new member of the ‘Tacazzi family’: the deep red rose Red Tacazzi+. Just like its namesake, the African hummingbird ‘Tacazze’, this beautiful rose is one with many shades of red. It combines well with other colours, but is also a beautiful appearance in mono bouquets. Red Tacazzi+ practically has no thorns and offers long lasting pleasure with an excellent vase life of 14 days. The rose has a firm bud of over 4 centimetres and is available in different long lengths with a stem size up to 80 centimetres. The uniquely fringed bloom opens in different stages and the red glow will surely warm the heart of everyone that receives it.

The birth of the new red Tacazzi+
The original cerise-colored rose Tacazzi+ was launched back in 2015 and became an instant hit. During the growing process, several additional colors popped up over time. These were successfully introduced by Dümmen Orange as the varieties pink Tacazzi+, Sweet Tacazzi+ and Peach Tacazzi+. In 2019, a beautiful red variety coincidently appeared on a farm in Ethiopia. An employee of Holla Roses noticed the special flower and secured it for shipment to Dümmen Orange.

Niels Pennings, account manager Roses at Dümmen Orange“We were amazed by the beauty and warmness of this red mutant of Tacazzi+. The breeders and researchers at Dümmen Orange have carefully analyzed, tested and reproduced this single red rose found in Ethiopia. We are extremely excited to bring this beautiful red rose with all the elements of the Tacazzi+ line to the market. And we are proud to do this together with our partner Holla Roses, who played such a vital role in the discovery and now the introduction of this new variety.”