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How it works

There is no better teacher than nature. By deciphering and analyzing the genetic code of plants, we learn about the precise biological causes for existing or missing resistances. In the next step, Intrinsa® carefully upgrades the DNA, systematically improving and extending crucial traits of a plant.

In this way, deficiencies are corrected from within, making use of the plant’s intrinsic capabilities. The result: plants which are indifferent to various kinds of stress. Fifty years after Woodstock, this is a great new era of flower power!



For plants

No matter how much pressure external conditions put on a plant, they will have a hard time succeeding. Intrinsa® offers resistance against physical influences (heat, cold and drought) and against biotic factors (certain bacteria, fungi, viruses and insects).

This way, the natural beauty of your best-loved species is free to unfold. They get the green light to thrive in peace, enjoy a perfect life cycle and charm everyone with their sight and smell. Intrinsa® will give you value for money.


For growers and retailers

How much time, money and other resources have you invested in your professional life, simply trying to permanently keep all kinds of possible dangers away from your plants?

Intrinsa® helps you relax - by strengthening plants from within. Intrinsa® contributes to an environmentally sustainable world: specific health, environmental or PR concerns resulting from the use of chemical methods now belong to the past. Time to lean back and let your plants do the work for you. In other words: with Intrinsa®, you can care more by caring less.



Intrinsa® crops

chrysanthemum   petunia  

About Dümmen Orange

Since its foundation in the year 2015 in the Netherlands, Dümmen Orange has successfully strived to offer exceptional premium plants - combining deep technological know-how with the ambition to be faster and more inventive than competitors. Because our roots are not only Dutch, but also German, American and Japanese, an  international perspective on plants comes naturally to us. Our passion and determination have  blossomed and borne fruit in a dynamic, yet  sustainable way. Today, we are the world market leader in the plant breeding industry.

Part of our job is to make your life easier, and thus not to bother you too much with the scientific details. But if you would like to know everything about our patented Intrinsa® technology, we will be glad to give you in-depth information and answer all your questions. Please feel free to contact us the way that best suits you!